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Most family members, when faced with challenging aging issues, do not know where to turn or who to trust to get the best information possible. Our goal is to improve the quality of life for older adults and their families by providing expert guidance, oversight, and advocacy. We accomplish this goal with the following services.

Aging Care Advocates provides the following care management services:

Crisis Intervention

Often an older adult and/or a family member, when faced with an emergency situation is uncertain where to turn.  Aging Care Advocates is able to step in and offer direction in the midst of a crisis. Long distance family members can have peace of mind knowing that our geriatric care managers will handle emergency situations of older adults, who are established clients of Aging Care Advocates.


In-Home Comprehensive Assessment and Evaluation

The comprehensive assessment and evaluation is conducted by our professional geriatric care managers in the convenience of the older adult's home or family member's home. This home visit includes an assessment and evaluation of the older adult's areas of strength and areas of need. An individualized care plan is then developed based on the in-home assessment; referrals are made to needed supportive geriatric community resources, and the coordination of these services is handled by our geriatric care managers. Examples of supportive geriatric resources can include, but are not limited to the following: personal care services, home making services, home health services, home delivered meals, adult day care, live-in assistance, respite care services, medical equipment, transportation arrangement, escort to necessary appointments, maintenance of home, social engagement and activities, 24-hour personal emergency response systems, assisted living facilities and nursing homes, and financial management services.

One of the many services provided by Aging Care Advocates, Inc. is an In-Home Comprehensive Assessment and Evaluation. The in-home comprehensive assessment and evaluation is completed to create an individualized care plan for the client. Our comprehensive assessment and evaluation includes obtaining psychosocial, legal and financial, medical, physical and mental functioning, and environmental information. Using this holistic approach, our Geriatric Care Managers are able to provide a completed evaluation with recommendations to improve one's safety and quality of life.


Office Consultation

Counseling, education, and support can be provided to family members regarding aging issues and concerns in an office setting. Office consultations are arranged by appointment only.


On-Going Support & Supervision

In some cases the older adult may need on-going monitoring in order to maintain the highest level of independence in their home. The older adult may not have family members in town or family members that are bound by other obligations that are unable to assist with necessary daily programs. In this case, our geriatric care managers can step in and provide regular support and supervision to the older adult. Routine reports can then be given, either in written format through a letter and/or e-mail or through verbal communication via phone, to concerned family members or other professionals regarding the on-going status of the older adult.


Long Term Placement in Continuing Care Retirement Communities, Assisted Living Facilities or Nursing Homes

If, for some reason, it is no longer safe and appropriate for the older adult to remain at their home, our geriatric care managers can navigate the maze of long term placement steps and state required paperwork. Our geriatric care managers can also assist older adults and/or their family members in coping with the emotions of transition from home to facility.


Assistance with Medicaid Applications for Long Term Care Placement

The state offers financial support to older adults for long term placement in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Our geriatric care managers can help the older adult and/or their family members determine if the older adult meets the criteria for these programs. If eligible, our geriatric care managers can assist with the Medicaid application process.


Bill Paying & Statement Review Services

At some point in time, an older adult may need assistance with paying their bills.  Our geriatric care managers can assist the older adult with check preparation, bill paying, bill reviewing, and medical claim filing.


Referrals to Other Professionals

Our geriatric care managers can make referrals to other professionals in the community for needed supportive services.  Some examples of this can include the following: referrals to psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists, physicians and other medical professionals, elder care lawyers, realtors, financial planners, trust officers, etc.


Social Interaction

Our geriatric care managers can provide social interaction with the older adult in their home or at the facility where they may reside. Unlike a family member or friend, who may simply visit, our geriatric care managers will also assess the status and needs of the older adult during the visit. This service requires 1 hour minimum.


Advocacy in Long Term Facilities

Our geriatric care managers can serve as an advocate for an older adult in a long term care facility on behalf of a long distance family member.  Our geriatric care managers are aware of the state regulations and structure of these facilities.  Therefore, they know what to look for when visiting a facility, what questions to ask, and who to direct questions to in order to obtain the information needed to make the best decision. Our geriatric care managers should be thought of as true advocates for the older adult in the facility.


Elder Care Mediation

Facilitate conflict resolution regarding care needs of a senior.